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A wide variety of modern, freestanding or built-in, environmental friendly,
flue-less heaters. An elegant alternative, as warming flames dance from a bed white pebbles or coals,
creating an ambiance to compliment any living area. We manufacture a whole range of Wonderheat fireplaces, grates,
braais – both wood and gas and now the Gas sauna. Don't forget to enquire about our bioethanol fireplaces.
We build custom braais and fireplaces for those that do not want to have the “same as the others”

Heat & Combustion

Heat & Combustion (PTY) LTD was established in 1980, by Mr Adolph Hirsch, a well know figure in the gas world, with a wide field of experience therein. Everything began with commercial installations and working from his garage where he started making acid bath tanks. A small workshop followed and after acquiring a few machines from a struggling company, Tharmarq, the company started making small burners for use in absorbtion refrigeration.
Current owner Mr Andries Kruger joined Mr Hirsch in 2001 and a great relationship ensued. While working side by side the company grew and new line items were put in. In 2005, flueless fireplaces were developed and became a large part of the business. With now just over 10 000 units in the market we still strive to produce high quality, affordable fireplaces and installation fittings.

Sadly Mr Hirsch passed away in April 2017 at the ripe age of 91 and as he would say, “I’ve had a good innings”, remains with us.



Wonder Heat


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